Cursillo Weekend

Cursillo Weekend

“Cursillo is a worldwide movement of the Christian Church, which seeks in its own unique way, to make it possible to experience living in a Christian Community for three very special days!

It is not a retreat as a Cursillo weekend differs from the individual solitude of retreats. It is a structured weekend, offering selected talks and discussions, interspersed with prayer, laughter, music and songs, with times of reflection and silence. It is a time for listening and sharing ideas presented by fellow Christians, who share the same sort of struggles as all of us.

The weekend is an experience that can be a new beginning, or a place of refreshment and encouragement on your Christian walk. It is a crucible, from which simple and effective Christian influence in our communities can grow.

Cursillo weekends are unique because everyone’s experience of the Christian community is unique. We all “encounter” Christ differently, because He meets us where we are in our journey.

The weekend is a ministry of lay people to lay people, guided by the precepts of Scripture, within the ethos of the Anglican Church.

The idea of Cursillo is to encourage us to become disciples, or apprentices of Christ, so that we can become better equipped as Christians at work, and in the communities in which we live.”

Guidelines and Forms